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Urban Worm Bag-No Frame

The Durable, Breathable, Attractive Home Worm Bin Solution

Perfect for the DIYer who wants to build a custom frame! Due to multiple requests, we are now offering the Urban Worm Bag without the iron frame. 

Create organic fertilizer inside or outside your home or apartment using nothing more than common household waste like newsprint, cardboard, and food waste.
A combination of simplicity, breathability, and durability.

Worms Eat My Garbage Promotion
For a limited time, the Urban Worm Company is offering a free copy of the 35th anniversary edition of Worms Eat My Garbage with the purchase of the Urban Worm Bag.  The seminal book that popularized vermicomposting in the US, Worms Eat My Garbage was written by the late Mary Appelhof and has since been revised by her friend Joanne Olzsweski.



Note: The Urban Worm Bag's lifetime warranty does not apply to this product. Our warranty assumes the Bag will be suspended from our iron frame to ensure an even weight distribution and predictable wear pattern on the fabric. To purchase the Urban Worm Bag with the frame, please go here.