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The Downsides of a DIY Worm Bin

My first attempt at vermicomposting didn't go so well. I bought a 1/2 lb of red wigglers, bought a brand new Rubbermaid bin, drilled a few holes in it, added some wet paper and a banana peel, and tossed in the worms thinking I was going to have a thriving, growing worm population, happily eating away inside.

I was wrong. I soon had wet paper, dead worms, and stinky anaerobic bin.

It took me two more tries before I got it right. I used a more diverse mix of bedding to include a handful of dirt for get and I drilled more holes in my bin and replaced the plastic top with a sheet to allow more airflow and oxygen into my worm habitat.

This did the trick, but I would have been much better off with better bedding and a breathable system like the Urban Worm Bag.

The Urban Worm Bag is made from a breathable nylon material built to breathe yet withstand moist conditions, allowing both your worms and your worm castings to remain oxygenated throughout the vermicomposting process, allowing for a microbe-rich fertilizer or soil amendment.

Starting your vermicomposting journey with an Urban Worm Bag removes the hassle of creating your own DIY home bin, which may - or may not - work as you intended.
A home worm bin presents another challenge too: how to deal with separating the worms and the castings upon harvest.

Composting worms migrate upwards, leaving their castings behind in the search for new food and bedding to eat. A DIY worm bin will often produce a compacted and possibly anaerobic vermicompost and it's almost impossible to harvest it without disturbing the worms who will be occupying the top 6 inches of your worm bin.

The Urban Worm Bag has a zipper top AND a flat zipper bottom, allowing you to feed through the top and easily remove castings from the bottom. While a few worms may remain in the castings, you will not have to spend hours manually separating worms and castings like you would with a crude, home-built worm bin.

The Urban Worm Bag's normal retail price is $109, comparable to the other home worm composting products. But for a short-time only, the Urban Worm Company is offering the Urban Worm Bag for $79, nearly 30% off the retail price.

The Urban Worm Bag will eventually sell on this website.

But we are launching the product for $30 off with free shipping, easy returns, and a lifetime warranty on materials and craftsmanship.

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