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Urban Worm Bag vs Worm Inn Mega

November 06, 2017

As assembled, the Urban Worm Bag may appear very similar to a product called the Worm Inn or Worm Inn Mega.
And in fact, both worm bins employ the same continuous flow-through concept, are built wth similar materials, and feature a breathable environment where aerobic conditions can be maintained throughout the vermicomposting process.
But the similarities end there.


The Urban Worm Bag is priced drastically lower than both the Worm Inn and the Worm Inn Mega, for a limited time.
While the Urban Worm Bag's suggested manufacturer's price is $109, we are offering an introductory $30 off during our preorder period with a price tag of $79.
When the Urban Worm Bag begins selling at its full price, it will still be much more affordable than both the Worm Inn and the Worm Inn Mega for the reasons listed below.

Free Shipping

We are offering free shipping on any Urban Worm Bag shipped to the lower 48 US states. 
The Worm Inn does not feature free shipping.


A lightweight iron frame is included with the Urban Worm Bag, not so much with the competition.
Purchasers of the Worm Inn may be fooled by the images showing it assembled on a PVC frame. Unless you want to create your own frame, you are expected to purchase 
  • the stand kit ($9.99 + 6.95 shipping) 
  • 3 x 10-ft lengths of PVC and cut it to size and glue it yourself. Those lengths of PVC will cost you another $10.
Just the smaller version of the Worm Inn (currently for sale at $69.99 will cost you $105 when you add up all of the extra costs.
Thanks to shipping and purchasing your own frame, your all-in cost of the Worm Inn Mega is not $109.99, but nearly $137.
The Urban Worm Bag comes with an attractive frame built from iron, yet engineered to be lighter than PVC.
Assembly is simple and requires no modification. Just remove it from the box, set it up, and start vermicomposting.


Both products feature a top covering to prevent the entry or escape of unwanted insects. The Worm Inn family uses a fabric similar to mosquito netting while the Urban Worm Bag is designed to reduce evaporation and maintain darkness in any condition by using the same fabric used elsewhere on the bag

But the bottom of the Worm Inn features a troublesome drawstring enclosure that can never fully close and can be awkward to harvest castings from. And the Worm Inn is only supported (on whatever frame you're expected to build for it) by 4 corner straps attached with zip ties.
This can cause a droop, uneven stress, and even failure on a do-it-yourself PVC frame.
The Urban Worm Bag is built to distribute the considerable weight of a full bag of vermicompost over the entire frame using tunneling built on to the worm bin using reinforced stitching, reducing wear and tear on both the bag and the frame.
The Urban Worm Bag also features heavy duty marine-grade nylon zippers closing both the top mesh and the flat bottom designed to prevent leakage while maintaining the ease of your castings harvest.

Warranty and Return Policy

As of publication, the Worm Inn's website suggests no return policy or warranty.
The Urban Worm Company offers a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy on an opened, but unused Urban Worm Bag.
And thanks to our confidence in the Urban Worm Bag's construction, we are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on the materials and workmanship.
Please see our VERY simple terms and conditions page related to our return policy and warranty.

Customer Service

Urban Worm Bag customers can e-mail or call 833-URBN-WRM with any pre- or post-purchase concerns.

Summary: The choice is clear 

The Urban Worm Bag offers a superior product at a superior price.
Our worm bin offers not only a better design with superior craftsmanship, but an included frame and a customer experience package (return policy, free shipping, lifetime warranty, and easy support) that ensures you will not be disappointed.
At full price, the Urban Worm Bag is still cheaper than its competition. But you can get it now for $30 off. 
But this introductory pricing is will be over soon and will not return.
Get your Urban Worm Bag today!